Bioencapsulation of Living Cells for Diverse Medical Applications

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Bioencapsulation (or microencapsulation) of cells and their implantation into a body of immunoprotected cells allows researchers to revive a missing or defective function in the cells. ...
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The Diversity of Uses for Cellulose Sulphate Encapsulation

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John A. Dangerfield, Brian Salmons, Randolph Corteling, Jean-Pierre Abastado, John Sinden, Walter H. Gunzburg and Eva M. Brandtner


In this chapter we propose sodium cellulose sulphate (SCS) as a prime candidate for clinical application of encapsulated cells and present data for uses of SCS encapsulation for the direct delivery of therapeutic antibodies and advanced approaches for stem cell therapy. We also provide a simple lab protocol allowing researchers to make capsules at the bench without the need for expensive machinery.


Live cell encapsulation, bioencapsulation, sodium cellulose sulphate, therapeutic antibodies, biomolecule release, long-term release, long-term survival, stem cells, biocompatibility, GMP manufacturing, immune protection, patient safety, storage capability, localisation, removability.


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