Current Nanoscience


Fabrication and Hexanal Gas Sensing Property of Nano-SnO2 Flat-type Coplanar Gas Sensor Arrays at Ppb Level

Author(s): Kaijin Huang, Zhenxin Zhang, Fangli Yuan, Changsheng Xie.


The detection of hexanal has attracted much attention because hexanal has an important effect on food quality and human health. In this paper, nano-SnO2 flat-type coplanar hexanal gas sensor arrays at the ppb level were fabricated by a screen-printing technique based on nano-SnO2 powders prepared by a sol-gel method. The test results show that the nano-SnO2 flat-type coplanar gas sensor arrays have good hexanal gas-sensing characteristics such as short response time, low detection limit, high sensitivity. Especially, the gas sensitivity of the nano-SnO2 gas sensor arrays to 50 ppb hexanal reached 9.5 at a working temperature of 200° C. Nanometer-size effects, lattice distortion of nano-SnO2, and the natural properties of hexanal caused the ppb-level hexanal gas-sensing characteristics.

Keywords: Flat-type coplanar gas sensor arrays, gas-sensing property, hexanal, nano-SnO2, ppb level.

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Year: 2013
Page: [357 - 362]
Pages: 6
DOI: 10.2174/1573413711309030011
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