Energy Assessments for Industrial Complexes

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This e-book discusses methods that businesses may employ to reduce energy costs related to managing industrial buildings through environmentally sustainable methods. There are several chapters ...
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Optimization of Lighting

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Alexander Spivak, Ashok Kumar and Matthew Franchetti


This chapter will help optimize the amount of lighting required in a specific room. Discussed methods and calculations will help managers to estimate if excessive lighting is currently being used and how much money may be saved by removing excessive lighting. In addition, this chapter will address a case of insufficient lighting.


Lighting, lighting solutions, minimum lighting requirement, lighting replacement decisions, energy savings, energy consumption, efficacy, illumination, lumens, lux, lighting in the facility, required lighting, lighting fixtures, light bulb, bulb type, CRI (Color Rendering Index), CCT, correlated color temperature, automatic light switch.


College of Engineering The University of Toledo Toledo, OH 43606 USA