Computer Based Projects for a Chemistry Curriculum

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This e-book is a collection of exercises designed for students studying chemistry courses at a high school or undergraduate level. The e-book contains 24 chapters each containing various activities ...
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Modeling Weak Acids and Bases

Pp. 71-78 (8)

Thomas J. Manning and Aurora P. Gramatges


In this exercise students will model the structures of monoprotic, diprotic, triprotic acids, and their conjugate bases. Students will calculate the dipole moment, molecular volume and surface area of each molecule and calculate the atomic charges on each atom in the molecules. Students will look for correlations between the acids pKa, its dipole moment and the atomic charges on the atoms closest to the protonation/deprotonation site.


Types of acids, polyprotic acids, equilibrium constant, molecular modeling, dipole moment.


Department of Chemistry, Valdosta State University Valdosta GA 31698, USA