Recent Patents on DNA & Gene Sequences (DIscontinued)

Christian Bronner  
Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Strasboug


Genetic Improvement of Biofuel Plants: Recent Progress and Patents

Author(s): T. Sudhakar Johnson, Jyothi Badri, R. Kalpana Sastry, Anshul Shrivastava, P.B. Kavi Kishor, M. Sujatha.


Due to depleting reserves of fossil fuels, political uncertainties, increase in demand of energy needs and growing concerns of environmental effects, bioenergy as an alternative source of energy needs had taken centre stage globally. In this report, we review the progress made in lignocellulose, cellulose and fermentation based biofuels in addition to tree borne oil seeds. Algae as a source of feedstock for the biofuel has also been reviewed. Recent efforts in genome sequencing of biofuel crops and molecular breeding approaches have increased our understanding towards crop improvement of major feedstocks. Besides, patenting trends in bioenergy sector were assessed by patent landscape analysis. The results showed an increasing trend in published patents during the last decade which is maximum during 2011. A conceptual framework of “transgenesis in biofuels to industrial application” was developed based on the patent analytics viz., International Patent Classification (IPC) analysis and Theme Maps. A detailed claim analysis based on the conceptual framework assessed the patenting trends that provided an exhaustive dimension of the technology. The study emphasizes the current thrust in bioenergy sector by various public and private institutions to expedite the process of biofuel production.

Keywords: Aureka themescape, biofuel, biodiesel, lignocellulosic biofuel, lipids, algae, gene, genome, genetic engineering, omics, patent landscape, genetic transformation, transgene, first generation biofuels, second generation biofuels, Direct Biomass Combustion, PLANT OIL METABOLISM, Biomethane, LIGNOCELLULOSIC BIOMASS, Extremophiles, Aureka Themescape IP analysis

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Article Details

Year: 2013
Page: [2 - 12]
Pages: 11
DOI: 10.2174/1872215611307010003