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Current Drug Targets
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Androgen Receptor in Human Health: A Potential Therapeutic Target

Author(s): Hifzur Rahman Siddique, Sanjeev Nanda, Aijaz Parray and Mohammad Saleem
Androgen is a key for the activation of Androgen Receptor (AR) in most of the disease conditions, however androgen-independent activation of AR is also found in aggressive type human malignancies. An intense search for the inhibitors of AR is underway to cure AR-dependent diseases. In addition to targeting various components of AR signaling pathway, compounds which directly target AR are under preclinical and clinical investigation. Various In vitro and preclinical animal studies suggest that different natural compounds have potential to act against AR. Some natural compounds have been found to be pharmacologically effective against AR irrespective of varying routs of administration viz; oral, intra-peritoneal and intravenous. This mini-review summarizes the studies conducted with different natural agents in determining their pharmacological utility against AR signaling.
Androgen Receptor, Cancer, Therapy, Natural Compounds
Section Leader and Director of Research, Department of Molecular Chemoprevention and Therapeutics, The Hormel Institute, 801, 16th Ave NE, Austin, MN