Hospital End User Computing in Japan How to Use FileMaker Pro with Hospital Information Systems

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Organizational computing has been critical to the development of medical informatics. Many end user applications (EUAs), such as FileMaker Pro, have been applied to support medical staff work at ...
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Improvement of Workflows in Health Screening For Employees by Making Use of Existing Systems and FileMaker Pro

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Shunji Wakamiya and Kazunobu Yamauchi


Here, we report a new approach to the systematization of health screening for employees at a hospital that involves developing a new system requiring little capital investment. A new system was developed with FileMaker Pro using existing order entry and radiological health screening systems. The effectiveness of this new system was examined by comparing the implementation efficiency of health screening for employees before and after its introduction, and by comparison with another such system currently in place at other medical institutions with regard to efficiency. Although the new system has been in place for more than three years, no problems have yet been encountered. This new system is very useful in this hospital and may also be useful for institutions where it is difficult to introduce expensive new systems for systematic health screening because of problems regarding capital management.


Health screening, employee, order entry, radiography, FileMaker Pro, workflows, existing systems, systematization, hospital, capital management.


Department of Ophthalmology, Kawasaki Medical School, Japan