Hospital End User Computing in Japan How to Use FileMaker Pro with Hospital Information Systems

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Organizational computing has been critical to the development of medical informatics. Many end user applications (EUAs), such as FileMaker Pro, have been applied to support medical staff work at ...
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Small System Suitable For Team Working With Diabetes Mellitus Patients

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Tatsuhiko Koga and Hiroshi Hara


Over the last 20 years, we have developed a small database system using FileMaker Pro to follow patients with diabetes mellitus. We developed this system because there were no electric database systems available at Yamaguchi Red Cross Hospital in 1989. Most hospitals now have Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. However, these systems were developed for common clinical usage, and do not track sufficient specialised information to allow us to follow a particular disease. Therefore, small systems in addition to EHR are still required. Medical staff usually do not have sufficient computer skills to develop and maintain such systems, but generally have adequate skills to use these systems as well as the desire to maintain the health of their patients. It is important for medical staff to learn to make databases themselves to be able to obtain sufficient information regarding their patients while maintaining sufficient levels of privacy.


SDM, diabetes mellituS, FileMaker Pro, team work, complications, home doctor, medical information letter, medical manuals, Cancer, XML.


Department of Internal Medicine, Haradoi Hospital, Japan