Hospital End User Computing in Japan How to Use FileMaker Pro with Hospital Information Systems

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Organizational computing has been critical to the development of medical informatics. Many end user applications (EUAs), such as FileMaker Pro, have been applied to support medical staff work at ...
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Gradual Implementation of Local Medical Information System Within Hospital Using FileMaker Pro®: New Insights on Physician and Clinical Stuff Adaptation

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Kazutoshi Matsunami


The Matsunami General Hospital (434 beds, aiming acute management of diseases and injuries) looks ahead to the next century with excitement and enthusiasm, eager to build upon its past strengths and to continue to develop new ways for serving its patients and the improvement of public health, in particular Gifu area. This chapter introduces the application of FileMaker Pro® in intra-hospital clinical supporting system (CSS) to give new insights on physician, medical stuffs and patients. The FileMaker Pro-associated local networks cost are reasonable and they are easy to be incorporated into non-governed hospital.


FileMaker Pro, electronic health record, end user computing, clinical supporting system, user-made medical IT system, medical information system, local area network, diagnosis procedure combination, iPad, hospital information system, data ware house.


Department of Gynecology, Matsunami General Hospital, Japan