Hospital End User Computing in Japan How to Use FileMaker Pro with Hospital Information Systems

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Organizational computing has been critical to the development of medical informatics. Many end user applications (EUAs), such as FileMaker Pro, have been applied to support medical staff work at ...
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Bi-Directional Integration Between EMR and FileMaker

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Shigeru Yoshida


We developed end-user computing solutions with FileMaker. In addition, we successfully built a bidirectional integration scheme between our electronic medical records (EMR) system and the FileMaker solutions. The key to success is that we built a simple integration scheme and divided responsibility in case of problems between the EMR system and the FileMaker solutions.


EMR, FileMaker Pro, Integration, Cooperation, Bi-directional, Usermade, EUC, J-SUMMITS, NeoChart, CSV, XML, DDE command, FileMaker portal, Forest, CDSS, iPad.


Medical IT Center, Nagoya University Hospital, Japan