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This Reference eBook deals with an existing classification of a nanosized structure and an analysis of its properties. It summarizes an information about how a grain size affects physical, ...
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Nanoporous Materials

Pp. 15-20 (6)

Alexander D. Pogrebnjak and Vyacheslav M. Beresnev


This Chapter describes a whole complex of nanoporous materials. A classification of porous material (an inside pore, an opened pore, a perforating pore, an opened-line-end pore) is considered. Three different ways of interaction of the nanoporous material with a surrounding medium are demonstrated: a-adsorption; b-filtration, c-catalysis using: 1) small molecule and 2) big molecule. The problem of how to control size, form of pores, and uniformity of their distribution is considered.


Types of nanoporous materials, applications.


Sumy State University Sumy Institute for Surface Modification, R.-Korsakov Str. 2, 40007 Sumy Ukraine