Sustainability: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives

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The concept of sustainability is inherently multi-disciplinary because it concerns a complex system having economic, technological, ecological, political, and other perspectives. Consequently, any ...
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Actualizing Sustainability: Environmental Policy for Resilience in Ecological Systems

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Ahjond S. Garmestani, Matthew E. Hopton and Matthew T. Heberling


The loss of biodiversity has the capacity to decrease the resilience of ecological systems, which can result in the loss of ecosystem services essential for human survival. Thus, the protection of biodiversity is a critical component to actualizing sustainability. In this paper, we suggest several possible policy instruments for dealing with the apparent intractability of economics, ecology, and the law. In order to actualize sustainability for future generations, we must develop new, or adapt established, policy to protect biological diversity and ecosystem services.


Resilience, sustainability, panarchy, policy, economics, law, environmental management, trusts, biodiversity.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, 26 W. Martin Luther King Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45268 USA