Educational Technologies for Teaching Argumentation Skills

Considerable efforts have been made in developing and assessing educational technology to support and teach argumentation. These efforts have culminated in the form of techniques which include ...
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A Framework for Analyzing Development of Argumentation through Classroom Discussions

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Marietta Sionti, Hua Ai, Carolyn Penstein Rosé and Lauren Resnick


This chapter presents a detailed study of patterns of verbal interaction in a classroom context. In doing so it extends an important previously developed construct for analysis of productive talk for learning originating within the collaborative learning and intelligent tutoring communities, namely that of transactivity. Specifically, our focus is on argumentation and consensus building processes, which are key processes employed through language by communities in order to define themselves, maintain themselves, and evolve. We motivate the use of this construct for analysis of classroom discussions, describe our analysis framework with examples, and discuss current directions related to automatic analysis of classroom discussions using our transactivity based framework.


Transactivity, accountable talk, sociocognitive conflict, discussion for learning, collaborative learning, classroom discourse, discussion based learning, articulation of reasoning, discourse analysis, conversation analysis.


Section of Linguistics, Department of Philology, University of Athens, 4 Petrou-Paulou str, GR 17237, Athens