Dermatological Treatments

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Dermatological treatments have changed continuously throughout recent decades. Old drugs are recognized as being effective in new indications and new methods of dosage or application have been ...
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Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy

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Begoña Echeverría-García and Magalys Vitiello


Extracorporeal photochemotherapy (ECP) is a complex therapy in which cells collected from patients are exposed to the effects of photosensitizing agents (specifically 8-methoxypsolaren) and ultraviolet Light-A. Its most common indication is advanced stage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. However, this therapy has yielded successful results in other cutaneous and metabolic diseases like phemphigus vulgaris and autoimmune diabetes mellitus [1]. Although the cost represents a significant limitation, extracorporeal photochemotherapy should be considered in the aforementioned diseases in patients where other conventional therapies have failed or are contraindicated.


Hematoporphyrin radiation, phototherapy, photochemotherapy, analytical, diagnostic and therapeutical techniques and equipment category, ultraviolet therapy, skin and connective tissue diseases, skin diseases, skin, dermis, epidermis.


Dermatology Department, Hospital Morales Meseguer, Murcia, Spain