Summability Theory And Its Applications

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The theory of summability has many uses throughout analysis and applied mathematics. Engineers and physicists working with Fourier series or analytic continuation will also find the concepts of ...
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Matrix Domains in Sequence Spaces

Pp. 51-192 (142)

Feyzi Basar


This chapter is devoted to the domains of some particular summability matrices, with a special emphasize on the Cesàro, difference, mth-order difference, Euler, Riesz and weighted mean sequence spaces, and other spaces derived in this way. Also, the Schauder bases of those spaces, their α-,fi β-, γ- duals, and the characterizations of some matrix transformations are given.


Domain of an infinite matrix, Cesàro, difference, Euler, Riesz, generalized difference and weighted mean sequence spaces and concerning dual methods, space of p-bounded variation sequences, Schauder bases, α-, β-, γ- duals of a matrix domain, characterization of the matrix transformations related to the matrix domains, paranormed difference sequence spaces and moduli, Orlicz functions.