Summability Theory And Its Applications

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The theory of summability has many uses throughout analysis and applied mathematics. Engineers and physicists working with Fourier series or analytic continuation will also find the concepts of ...
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Matrix Transformations in Sequence Spaces

Pp. 33-50 (18)

Feyzi Basar


In this chapter, the matrix transformations in sequence spaces are studied and the characterizations of the classes of Schur, Kojima and Toeplitz matrices together with their versions for the series-to-sequence, sequence-to-series and series-to-series matrix transformations are given.


Matrix transformations between sequence spaces, ordinary, absolute and strong summability, KOjima-Schur theorem, Silverman-Toeplitz theorem, Schur's theorem, algebra, normed and Banach algebra, characteristic of a matrix, sequence-to-sequence, series-to-sequence, series-to-series and sequence-to-series matrix transformations, dual summability methods, arithmetics, Cesàro, Euler, Riesz and Nörlund means, Taylor, Ar, Hausdor, Borel and Abel matrices.