Bridges’ Dynamics

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Bridges’ Dynamics covers the historical review of research and introductory mathematical concepts related to the structural dynamics of bridges. The e-book explains the theory behind engineering ...
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Principles of Dynamic Analysis

Pp. 48-80 (33)

George T. Michaltsos and Ioannis G. Raftoyiannis


In this chapter, the most important aspects related to dynamic analysis of structures are presented. Calculus of variations and energy principles such as d’Alembert principle, Lagrange equations of motion and Hamilton principle are given in brief form. The general form of equations of motion is presented along with the most common solution methods such as integral transformation or Ritz and Galerkin methods. The equations for free vibration in axial, bending and torsional mode are solved for various boundary conditions. The problem of forced vibrations is also presented for the above cases.


Civil Engineering Department National Technical University of Athens