The Wrong Assumption

Revolutionary Scientific Theories that Shape the Elusive Supernatural World

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The Wrong Assumption: Revolutionary Scientific Theories That Shape the Elusive Supernatural World provides a scientific approach to philosophical thinking and encourages readers to explore their ...
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On the Separation of Church and Science

Pp. 3-17 (15)

Diego Elustondo


“On the Separation of Church and Science” provides an introduction to the book. It simply starts the conversation about the controversy between science and spirituality. This chapter uses the constitutional principle of separation of church and state as a metaphor for how modern secular societies may perceive spirituality as the antithesis of science. It claims that many people today feel comfortable with the idea that science and spirituality should be two separate areas of knowledge; however, the author personally disagrees with this notion. If the right assumptions are made, then science can be used to validate invisible elements of the universe that could provide tangible evidence of the presence of a higher consciousness.


God, the bible, creationism, theory of evolution, separation of church and state, conflict between science and religion, creation science, intelligent design, religious indoctrination, state atheism, the scientific revolution, the galileo affair, philosophers, self-evident truth, senses of perception, empirical validation, the scientific method, scientific facts, spiritual beliefs, higher consciousness.